Monthly Youth English Congregation

  July 2007

The monthly Sant Nirankari youth congregation for the month of July was held in Wayne, MI on Friday, July 20th at a local saint's residence.

The congregation began with hymns from the Avtar Bani followed by several young saints expressing their thoughts based on teachings of the mission through speeches, devotional songs, verses and poems.

In the Sermon, Rev. Gundeep Ji stressed upon how powerful "Simran" is in our lives. He commenced the discourse with Simran : "Tuhi Nirankar" - Thou Formless, "Main teri sharan haan" - I'm in your shelter, "Mainu baksh lo" - Please forgive me.

Although Sewa, Simran, and Satsang are the three main things we should stress upon in our lives, Simran has its own influence. Devotees are always aware of Baba ji's teachings and how we should spread the message of love, peace, and humanity. But as humans we are not always perfect, this is where the strength of Simran comes in.

Simran is also powerful in the sense that it is never constrained by any one person, place, or a thing. As long as we rehearse these 3 sentences wherever and whenever to ourselves; God will help us. It becomes our moral responsibility to remember almighty GOD through Simran, not just to recite the three lines but to put them in practice.

The sangat concluded with a prayer that may all of us follow the teachings of Babaji and may we all become ONE with this Formless GOD.

  June 2007 The second monthly Sant Nirankari youth congregation was held in Detroit, MI on June 15th.

The congregation started with hymns from Sampuran Avtar Bani followed by a play explaining that we are brought closer to Lord by faith. Many youth praised God through prayers, songs and speeches.

In the sermon, Rev. Gurvinder Ji mentioned few examples on the importance of God knowledge a.k.a. Gyan. The divine knowledge molds individuals not to rely on immediate pleasures. God has a plan for us and we should accept whatever comes our way. Sometimes we feel that things are not going our way so we begin to ask the Lord for something which we feel is better. At the end of the day, we come back to our original state realizing that what we have now is the best for us. In reality only true master knows what is best for his children. We shall first begin by listening and abiding to the teachings and wishes of our true master which are meant for our betterment.

It was indeed a wonderful experience where participation from many neighbors and friends brought different colors to the praise of GOD.
  May 2007

With the blessings of His Holiness Satguru Baba Hardev Ji, youth of Michigan organized their first monthly youth congregation on May 18th, 2007 in Gaurav Ji's house. Many youth members participated along with few senior saints including pramukh. It was all organized by youth and all the duties were performed by young saints, including the presiding saint and stage secretary duties.

The congregation started at 7.30 PM with the recitation of hymns from Sampuran Avtar Bani, which was followed by young devotees who contributed their views through speeches, poems and hymns. The youth members shared their thoughts on how the motivation in the youth saints can be utilized in the upbringing of this spiritual mission. The encouragement and support from parents and senior saints was also acknowledged by most of the youth.

In the discourse Rev. Amarjot Ji mentioned how his childhood involvement in the congregation was enforced by his parents in all circumstances including exam days. He thanked almighty for the seeds which were sowed many years ago and has kept him devoted to the congregation, service and remembrance of GOD (Satsang, Sewa and Sumiran).  He stressed on considering spirituality equally important in ones' daily schedule and encouraged all the youth to upgrade their knowledge through the publications available from Sant Nirankari Mission and regularly listening to the discourses of Satguru Baba Ji published on . Quoting a humorous real life example he conveyed a very serious and important matter that our lives and actions must reflect that we are Nirankari and nobody should be able to ridicule it. Love for others, selfless service and service to community must be practised by all the youth in the daily lives which can make difference to people in our group.

The first youth congregation was a successful beginning and we pray to the Lord all Mighty to bless us so we may always continue our efforts and make it a part and priority of our life.