FEB 24, 2008


On Feb 24, 2008, Guru Pooja Diwas was celebrated with lot of joy and enthusiasm at Sant Nirankari Bhavan Chicago.

The program began with a very inspiring Sewadal Rally. All sewadal members came well dressed in their Sewadal uniforms. Besides the rally and PT exercises, games were also played to showcase the spirit of Sant Nirankari Sewadal. The highlight of the rally was the participation of all age groups. Little children in Sewadal uniform arrived well in time to be a part of the rally and games. Rally was followed with blessings from Prof. J S Puri who encouraged the Sewadal members to follow the principles of Sewadal with full devotion and dedication.  

During the Satsang, saints sang melodious hymns in the praise of the Lord Master. The program was further enriched by a poetic symposium titled “Guru Pooja ka Diwas Suhana, Phir Khushiyan lekar ayaa hai”. Some poets presented their writings as musical compositions which really uplifted the sadh sangat. 

Youngsters showed full participation through the Children's Poetic Symposium in Hindi language. This item saw children of ages 3 to 12 express their joy and happiness on the occasion of Happy Birthday of their Sat guru by rendering melodious Hindi poems. Their enthusiasm was further witnessed in the presentation of the skit “True sewa done without pride, is fruitful and rewarding”. It depicted how members of sant nirankari sewadal are constantly engaged in true sewa of saints and humanity. Participants were holding banners bearing the slogans from HH Baba ji, in Hindi, English and Marathi language. To add to the festivities, a colorful "Giddha" dance was also performed on the occasion. 

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The satsang program concluded with showing of video of cake cutting ceremony and blessings from HH Baba ji on Guru Pooja Diwas in India . A vegetarian breakfast and Lunch was served to mark the festivities of the day.

Another unique feature of the Guru Pooja Diwas celebration was that all the children wrote essays on Baba ji’s birthday. They were given four topics to choose from. Through the essays they expressed love and respect for their Sat guru. The emotions of toddlers and infants were expressed via handprint posters. The children also brought in beautiful hand made Birthday greeting cards portraying a lot of their imagination, creativity and love. All of this was beautifully displayed at the Bhavan as part of the exhibition for the joyous occasion.  


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Me and Baba ji

I love Baba ji Because

If Baba ji came to Chicago this is how I would celebrate his Birthday



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