FEB 23, 2009


The 55th Birthday of HH Baba Hardev Singh ji, was celebrated with much fervor and joy at Sant Nirankari Mission, Chicago

The festivities commenced a week before with the inauguration of Food drive for Northern Illinois Food Pantry. With a generous donation from all members of the congregation, a total of 170 pounds of much needed food items were collected and presented to the representatives of Northern Illinois Food Pantry.

On Sunday Feb 22, the program began with a very inspiring Sewadal Rally. All sewadal members came well dressed in their Sewadal uniforms. Besides the rally and PT exercises, games were also played to showcase the spirit of Sant Nirankari Sewadal. The highlight of the rally was the participation of all age groups. Little children in Sewadal uniform arrived well in time to be a part of the rally and games. Rally was followed with blessings from Rev. Rajan Sachdeva who encouraged the Sewadal members to follow the principles of Sewadal with full devotion and dedication.  

On Feb 23, the Birthday of HH Babaji, a satsang programme was held in the evening which included included geet, bhajans, dance, and a Kavi Darbar. Children and youth showed active participation in all these programs. Rev Rajan Sachdeva ji from Detroit, MI presided over the congregation on both the days.

Another unique feature of the Guru Pooja Diwas celebration was an exhibition by Chicago Bal Sangat members. The emotions of toddlers and infants were expressed by posters. The children also brought in beautiful hand made Birthday greeting cards portraying a lot of their imagination, creativity and love. All of this was beautifully displayed at the Bhavan as part of the exhibition for the joyous occasion.  


Link to Slideshow for Guru Pooja Diwas Sewa Dal Rally and Sangat

Link to Slideshow for Food Drive On occasion of Guru Pooja Diwas

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