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 22.10.2006 -  Nirankari Devotees participate in Walk for Cancer Research in DudleyMany Nirankari Devotees took part in the Walk for Cancer Research in Dudley. Please click here to see a newspaper article (Must have adobe reader).  

 01.09.06 - 04.09.06 -   22nd International Ramayana Conference
There was an successful four day Ramayana conference held at the West Midlands Bhawan. With academic and scholarly  delegates from countries all over the world, the inaugural speech to open the proceedings was given via a pre-recorded telecast by his Holiness Baba Hardev Ji. The conference contained academic speeches, cultural dance, several satsangs and inspired poetry all with respect to Lord Rama.
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There will also be video footage available within the coming week.

 10.07.05 -   Harmony in Unity Concert
On the 10th July 2005, a concert entitled Harmony in Unity was held at the Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan (West Midlands Branch) that was organised by the Sandwell Multi Faith Network.
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 11.06.05 -   Thoughts and Beats Video
The first Thoughts and Beats night was a great success.  It was an evening of music for the soul, commentaries on spiritual writings, and guided meditation.  The view the video from the night, click here. Please note that realplayer software is required to view the video.

 22.05.05 - Courses in Health Awareness
A course of Health Awareness Seminars are being held at the Bhawan in conjunction with the Saathi Project concerning a whole host of health issues. For a complete schedule, click here.
 25.05.05 - Mission Supports the Millennium All Stars
The West Midlands Branch is supporting the Millennium All Stars by offering the use of one of Bhawan Halls for them to practice at the recently constructed Centre. The all stars are a local based band in Wednesbury who are practicing for the World Championship Qualifiers. We are aware that they have recently been successful in  various competitions that they have entered. Well done to all the band members and in particular Keith and Donna the organizers who tirelessly work voluntarily with all the youngsters. Good luck in future tournaments. For more information about the band check  www.milleniumallstars.co.uk
 05.07.05 - 1st National Bal Samagam
The first national Bal Samagam was held on the 7th May 2005 which coincided with the birthday of Haardhik Ji the son of Samta and Sandeep Khinda Ji. Devotees congregated from far and wide. The stage secretary responsibility was conducted by sister Navita of Leicester and Discourse from brother Vikram Palli. The youngsters performed outstandingly and presented the message of the mission in their own special way. Well done to all the contributors.
 04.24.05 - Manav Ekta
Manav Ekta was celebrated on the 24th April 2005 at the West Midlands Bhawan. This event which was presided over by Harbans Lal Taneja Ji. An exhibition had been on display for the whole of April commemorating the life of Satguru Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji and his tours to the United Kingdom and afar. The Samagam also known as Human Unity Day, was attended by devotees from all over the country. At the end of the Samagam a further session called experiences shared was held in the conference rooms in which members who had personal experiences with His Holiness Baba Ji shared them with everyone.
 04.23.05 - National Sevadal Camp
A National Sevadal Camp was held on the 23rd April 2005 at the West Midlands centre. The camp commenced at 4pm including sessions on sevadal training and what actions should be followed in difficult situations. There was a play arranged by Sister Sangeeta Tutt and Danny Sura to explain. Sister Renuka ji gave a talk of what Seva means to her and the evening was brought to a close with sports activities.
 04.18.05 - Ruhani Sangeet
A Ruhani Sangeet evening was organised on the 18th April 2005 where members of all faith communities joined together to worship Almighty God Nirankar from one platform. Performers attended from Bala Ji Mandir, Sach Khand Nanak Dham, Durga Bhawan, Naamdhari Sadhsangath, Bhrama Kumari Samaj, Sant Nirankari Mandal Leicester, London, Birmingham and also including artists like Bavinder Safri, Meena Kumari, Iqbal Hussain and classical violinist. The event was a tremendous success and we thank all devotees who attended.
 03.25.05 - Blood Donation Camp
A Blood Donation camp was held on the 25th March 2005 at the West Midlands Centre. The National Blood service attended the Bhawan and the devotees of the Mission all contributed to this noble cause. His Holiness has blessed us all and has said, “As we are one Global Family, Give Blood.” The session was very successful and the next one we understand has been arranged in September 2005.
 02.23.05 - Guru Pooja Divas
Guru Pooja Diwas which is celebrated annually on the 23rd February every year to mark the birthday of His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji, was organised to be held on a regional level this year, throughout the Country. For those living in Central England, the functions were held at the recently opened Satsang Bhawan in Potters Lane, Wednesbury.
 01.10.05 - Videos of Grand Opening
If you missed attending the Grand Opening of the new Bhawan or just would like to relive the special occassion, you now can. Watch the videos from January 1st, 2nd and 9th Samagams.
(Please note: you will need Realplayer installed on your  computer to view these files.)
 01.01.05 - Report on Bhawan Grand Opening
The New Year heralded the opening ceremony of the newly constructed Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan, which was undertaken by His Holiness The Nirankari Baba in Wednesbury, West Midlands.
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 01.01.05 - Slideshow of Grand Opening
Slideshow showing the many photographs taken during the Grand Opening to the West Midlands
 25.04.04 - Brotherhood supports Lung Run for Charity
Sutton Park in the West Midlands was the venue for the 11th Annual Lung Run organised by the British Lung Foundation on the 25th April 2004. A team from the Sant Nirankari Mission  West Midlands Branch were also in attendance supporting this noble cause wearing T-Shirts blazoned with Universal Brotherhood and the missions emblem.