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Sant Nirankari Bal Samagam – Chennai

With the grace of His Holiness Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj, a Bal Samagam was conducted in Chennai on 10th October, 2010. The basic motive behind this event was to encourage the little foundations of our mission to become even more stronger and to always stay attached with the mission. All the kids under 14 years of age took part in the various activities of the event.

The event started at about 8 a.m with the registrations of all the children. To the start the event and to create more involvement of the kids, physical activities like games, warm-ups and various such activities were held. A gathering of over 150 in the early stage had assembled to be a part of the event. Games like Sack Race, Lemon Spoon and Three Legged Race were conducted each with a moral to teach and relate to the teachings of the mission. The outdoor event concluded at about 9 a.m followed by a few more indoor events.

All children were split in groups and a quiz was held with questions focusing on the Missions history, ideology and its principles. To everyone’s surprise even an 8 year old was able to describe our missions ideology and speak about the missions history on topics like when the mission was started, major events of the mission and important dates and days celebrated even today. In the meanwhile a drawing competition called the “Little Fingers” was being conducted for children under 8 years, where all the children were given an opportunity to portray the imaginations on a blank canvas. A few drew landscapes and a few drew their favorite cartoon character but a few also portrayed a few pictures on the teachings of our mission. The youth of the mission was informed one week prior about another competition called “The Master Works” where they could also use their imaginations to make a few paintings on the topic “Peace not Pieces” which was done during the week and displayed on a large board outside the Satsang hall for everyone to see and take inspiration from. Once this was done the children between the age of 8 to 14 were asked to write a test on a few pre-decided Avtar Bani Shabads. The pattern of the test was to fill the blank spaces between the Shabads with the correct word as mentioned in the Avtar Bani out of which about 6 of the children answered every question and scored the maximum marks. The Indoor event concluded by 10 a.m after which the Sangat had started. Presiding over the stage were Rev. Shyamsunder Keswani Ji, the Pramukh of Chennai.

During the Sangat various little children under the age of 8 presented did Simran, sang Geets and shared their views in short span of time. The Satsang programme also had a few plays in different languages with meaningful morels to pass on the message of the mission. A play in Tamil was focused upon our. The moral of the play was that we are not to ask anything from God as He knows what is required for us and give us what we deserve at the right time. A hindi play called “The 99 Club” passed on a message stating that even if God gives us everything we need, we would still crave for more and would apply irrelevant logics to make ourself unhappy. A dance was performed by small girls on a Geet thanking His Holiness to have given us this Gyan and making us happy. We had another dance performance by small boys on a very touching song which made every1 think as to where they came from and who they are and who is taking care of them. Almost everyone present in the Sangat was in deep thoughts hearing the song.   At the end all the kids came together and sang a devotional song thanking His Holiness for what ever they have got in their life and requesting Him to keep them in His Holy feet for ever.

The Holy Vichar by Rev. Shyamsunder Ji was mainly focused on how children should improvise on their daily life enlightening them on a few basics of life and motivating them to always follow the path that His Holiness expects us to follow.  All children received a lot of appreciation from the stage and were all blessed with awards and gifts as further motivation.

* * *