58th Annual Sant Samagam

Nov 25-26-27, 2005

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Every year, the Sant Nirankari Mission holds their Annual Sant Samagam in Delhi. It is an opportunity for saints from all over the world to gather in one place and share their thoughts and gain spiritual insight and devotion. For all the saints that were unable to attend the Samagam in Delhi, a similar 3 day event to celebrate the samagam was organized in Montreal.

Throughout the main program on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, various saints shared their thoughts and sang songs of human unity, praying that God bestow happiness on all of mankind and rid the world of hatred.

The saints also shared their experiences from the time they had last went to the Annual Samagam in Delhi and prayed to Nirankar to bless them with the opportunity to attend the forth coming Samagams.

A highlight of the Saturday Satsang was the Symposium of poets (Kavi Darbaar). Each poet spoke on the assigned topic, Gyan Ujala Paa kar bhi kyon Andhkar main thokar khayan. Meaning of this topic is that even after attaining God Realization why does one still find him/herself struggling in the darkness.

One of the most inspiring portions of the program on Saturday was a video presentation (found above) prepared and presented by, Sister Money Arneja ji and Brother Shiv Bijlani ji, 2 of our youth members. They put together a collage of past Samagams, which included everything from the preparation of samagam grounds to the actual Samagam itself. The collage marked the very first samagam held in Paharganj to the different venues it was held in like the land behind the Red Fort, then at Ram Leela ground. They also presented the highlights of the Silver Jubilee samagam, Nirankari Raj Mata ji and Baba Gurubachan Singh ji were weighted with money. The highlights of the Golden jubilee samagam were the Unity March and a first time 5 day Samagam.

The preparation for this presentation was an opportunity to research our Mission’s history. The youth saints benefit from such research projects that allow them to search the archives for the information and their findings allows every one else to benefit from what they learned.

It was amazing to see how the Sewadal, in less than 2 months prepares the ground to host an event so vast that accommodates thousands of saints. This is possible only with the benign blessings of His Holiness.

The program on all days concluded with a discourse elaborating the purpose behind the Samagam, which is to refresh our minds and pay tribute to His Holiness for what he has done for the mission and for humanity. The most important thing is that we actually implement the teachings of His Holiness into our own lives, to better ourselves and thereby inspire others. Human life is very valuable -If we do not utilize it by remembering God, we are wasting it.

On Sunday, the saints had arranged to hear Satguru’s vichar from the day before. With this we concluded the 3 day samagam in Montreal and all the saints are anxiously waiting for the arrival of the saints that have gone to the Samagam to hear their experiences and what they learned from the Samagam.